Vaca::Tab Class Reference

#include <Tab.h>

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Vaca::TabBase Vaca::Widget Vaca::Component Vaca::Referenceable Vaca::NonCopyable

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Detailed Description

This class automatically controls the visibility of each page (TabPage).

You don't need to setup a layout manager for this widget, because it uses the ClientLayout manager to arrange its TabPage(s).

Public Member Functions

 Tab (Widget *parent, Style style=TabStyle)
virtual ~Tab ()
TabPagegetPage (int pageIndex)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onPageChange (Event &ev)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tab::Tab ( Widget parent,
Style  style = TabStyle 

Tab::~Tab (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

TabPage * Tab::getPage ( int  pageIndex  ) 

void Tab::onPageChange ( Event ev  )  [protected, virtual]


Event generated when the user select a new page. Use getActivePage() to known which page was selected.


Reimplemented from Vaca::TabBase.