Vaca::Style Class Reference

#include <Style.h>

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Detailed Description

A widget style.

Each widget has a style that can be configured to show little variations of its look and feel.

You can add and substract styles with the + and - operators.

   Frame frame(..., FrameStyle + ClientEdgeStyle - MinimizableFrameStyle)
   Edit edit("", EditStyle + ClientEdgeStyle)

Win32 Specific:
It is a wrapper for regular and extended window styles (WS_(W32) and WS_EX_(W32)).

Public Member Functions

 Style (int regular, int extended)
Style operator+ (const Style &style) const
Style operator- (const Style &style) const
Style operator & (const Style &style) const
bool operator== (const Style &style) const
bool operator!= (const Style &style) const

Public Attributes

int regular
int extended

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Style::Style ( int  regular,
int  extended 

Member Function Documentation

Style Style::operator+ ( const Style style  )  const

Style Style::operator- ( const Style style  )  const

Style Style::operator & ( const Style style  )  const

bool Style::operator== ( const Style style  )  const

bool Style::operator!= ( const Style style  )  const

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