Vaca::Point Class Reference

#include <Point.h>

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Detailed Description

A 2D coordinate in the screen or client area of a widget.

Public Member Functions

 Point ()
 Point (int x, int y)
 Point (const Point &point)
 Point (const Size &size)
const Pointoperator= (const Point &pt)
const Pointoperator+= (const Point &pt)
const Pointoperator-= (const Point &pt)
const Pointoperator+= (int value)
const Pointoperator-= (int value)
const Pointoperator*= (int value)
const Pointoperator/= (int value)
Point operator+ (const Point &pt) const
Point operator- (const Point &pt) const
Point operator+ (int value) const
Point operator- (int value) const
Point operator* (int value) const
Point operator/ (int value) const
Point operator- () const
bool operator== (const Point &pt) const
bool operator!= (const Point &pt) const
 operator POINT () const

Public Attributes

int x
int y

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Point::Point (  ) 

Point::Point ( int  x,
int  y 

Point::Point ( const Point point  ) 

Point::Point ( const Size size  )  [explicit]

Point::Point ( CONST LPPOINT  pt  )  [explicit]

Point::Point ( CONST LPPOINTS  pt  )  [explicit]

Member Function Documentation

const Point & Point::operator= ( const Point pt  ) 

const Point & Point::operator+= ( const Point pt  ) 

const Point & Point::operator-= ( const Point pt  ) 

const Point & Point::operator+= ( int  value  ) 

const Point & Point::operator-= ( int  value  ) 

const Point & Point::operator*= ( int  value  ) 

const Point & Point::operator/= ( int  value  ) 

Point Point::operator+ ( const Point pt  )  const

Point Point::operator- ( const Point pt  )  const

Point Point::operator+ ( int  value  )  const

Point Point::operator- ( int  value  )  const

Point Point::operator* ( int  value  )  const

Point Point::operator/ ( int  value  )  const

Point Point::operator- (  )  const

bool Point::operator== ( const Point pt  )  const

bool Point::operator!= ( const Point pt  )  const

Point::operator POINT (  )  const

Member Data Documentation