Vaca::MdiClient Class Reference

#include <Mdi.h>

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Vaca::Widget Vaca::Component Vaca::Referenceable Vaca::NonCopyable

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Detailed Description

Widget which its client area contains MdiChild windows.

Public Member Functions

 MdiClient (Widget *parent, Style style=MdiClientStyle)
 Container for MdiChild windows.
virtual ~MdiClient ()
void cascade ()
void tileHorizontal ()
void tileVertical ()
void arrangeIcons ()
MdiChildgetActive ()
void activate (MdiChild *mdiChild)
void activateNext (MdiChild *mdiChild=NULL)
void activatePrevious (MdiChild *mdiChild=NULL)
MdiChildgetChildById (int wID)
 Returns a MdiChild by its ID.
virtual bool preTranslateMessage (Message &msg)
 This routine is called before to dispatch the message.

Private Member Functions

virtual HWND createHandle (LPCTSTR className, Widget *parent, Style style)
 Calls CreateWindowEx using a CLIENTCREATESTRUCT.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MdiClient::MdiClient ( Widget parent,
Style  style = MdiClientStyle 

Container for MdiChild windows.

MdiClient::~MdiClient (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void MdiClient::cascade (  ) 

void MdiClient::tileHorizontal (  ) 

See also:
tileVertical, cascade

void MdiClient::tileVertical (  ) 

void MdiClient::arrangeIcons (  ) 

MdiChild * MdiClient::getActive (  ) 

void MdiClient::activate ( MdiChild mdiChild  ) 

void MdiClient::activateNext ( MdiChild mdiChild = NULL  ) 

void MdiClient::activatePrevious ( MdiChild mdiChild = NULL  ) 

MdiChild * MdiClient::getChildById ( int  wID  ) 

Returns a MdiChild by its ID.

bool MdiClient::preTranslateMessage ( Message msg  )  [virtual]

This routine is called before to dispatch the message.

Win32 Specific:
It's used by Dialog to call IsDialogMessage(W32) for example.

True if the message was translated and sent, so the GUI thread doesn't need to dispatch it.

Reimplemented from Vaca::Widget.

HWND MdiClient::createHandle ( LPCTSTR  className,
Widget parent,
Style  style 
) [private, virtual]

Calls CreateWindowEx using a CLIENTCREATESTRUCT.

Reimplemented from Vaca::Widget.