Vaca::Layout Class Reference

#include <Layout.h>

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Vaca::AnchorLayout Vaca::Bix Vaca::BoxLayout Vaca::ClientLayout

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Detailed Description

A Layout setups the position of a collection of widgets.

It's used to arrange the widgets quickly without worrying about the exact position of them.

Each widget can have a layout manager, but it's only useful when the widget has children.

If the parent widget doesn't have a layout manager specified, the children bounds aren't modified (see the FreeOfLayout example).
See also:
TN011: Layout Managers

Public Member Functions

 Layout ()
virtual ~Layout ()
void beginMovement (const Widget::Container &widgets)
void moveWidget (Widget *widget, const Rect &rc)
void endMovement ()
virtual Size getPreferredSize (Widget *parent, Widget::Container &widgets, const Size &fitIn)
virtual void layout (Widget *parent, Widget::Container &widgets, const Rect &rc)=0

Private Attributes

Widget::Container m_relayoutWidgets

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Layout::Layout (  ) 

Layout::~Layout (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Layout::beginMovement ( const Widget::Container widgets  ) 

void Layout::moveWidget ( Widget widget,
const Rect rc 

void Layout::endMovement (  ) 

Size Layout::getPreferredSize ( Widget parent,
Widget::Container widgets,
const Size fitIn 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented in Vaca::Bix, Vaca::BoxLayout, and Vaca::ClientLayout.

virtual void Vaca::Layout::layout ( Widget parent,
Widget::Container widgets,
const Rect rc 
) [pure virtual]

Member Data Documentation

HDWP Vaca::Layout::m_HDWP [private]