Vaca::Cursor Class Reference

#include <Cursor.h>

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Vaca::SmartPtr< T >

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Detailed Description

A mouse cursor.

This is a SmartPtr, so if you copy instances of cursors they will be referencing to the same place. You can't clone cursors because you can't modify them.

Win32 Specific:
This is a HCURSOR(W32) wrapper.

Public Member Functions

 Cursor ()
 Creates the null cursor (NoCursor).
 Cursor (const Cursor &cursor)
 Cursor (ResourceId cursorId)
 Cursor (SysCursor cursor)
 Cursor (const String &fileName)
 Cursor (HCURSOR handle)
virtual ~Cursor ()
Cursoroperator= (const Cursor &cursor)
HCURSOR getHandle () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Cursor::Cursor (  ) 

Creates the null cursor (NoCursor).

Cursor::Cursor ( const Cursor cursor  ) 

Cursor::Cursor ( ResourceId  cursorId  )  [explicit]

ResourceException When the resource with ID cursorId wasn't found.

Cursor::Cursor ( SysCursor  cursor  )  [explicit]

ResourceException When the specified system cursor couldn't be loaded.

Cursor::Cursor ( const String fileName  )  [explicit]

ResourceException When the cursor couldn't be loaded from the specified fileName.

Cursor::Cursor ( HCURSOR  handle  )  [explicit]

Cursor::~Cursor (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

Cursor& Vaca::Cursor::operator= ( const Cursor cursor  ) 

HCURSOR Cursor::getHandle (  )  const