Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Vaca::AnchorAnchor constraint
Vaca::AnchorLayoutAn AnchorLayout tries to maintain the same aspect of the widgets using references rectangles
Vaca::ApplicationThe main class of Vaca: initializes and destroys the GUI library resources
Vaca::BandedDockAreaAn area where you can put DockBars separated by bands
Vaca::BasicDockAreaThe most basic dock area management
Vaca::BindAdapter0_fun< R, F >
Vaca::BindAdapter0_fun< void, F >
Vaca::BindAdapter0_mem< R, T >
Vaca::BindAdapter0_mem< void, T >
Vaca::BindAdapter1_fun< R, F, X1 >
Vaca::BindAdapter1_fun< void, F, X1 >
Vaca::BindAdapter1_mem< R, T, B1, X1 >
Vaca::BindAdapter1_mem< void, T, B1, X1 >
Vaca::BindAdapter2_fun< R, F, X1, X2 >
Vaca::BindAdapter2_fun< void, F, X1, X2 >
Vaca::BindAdapter2_mem< R, T, B1, B2, X1, X2 >
Vaca::BindAdapter2_mem< void, T, B1, B2, X1, X2 >
Vaca::BindAdapter3_fun< R, F, X1, X2, X3 >
Vaca::BindAdapter3_fun< void, F, X1, X2, X3 >
Vaca::BindAdapter3_mem< R, T, B1, B2, B3, X1, X2, X3 >
Vaca::BindAdapter3_mem< void, T, B1, B2, B3, X1, X2, X3 >
Vaca::BixA Bix is a layout manager which allows you to arrange widgets in a matricial way or horizontally/vertically (like a row/column vector respectively)
Vaca::BoxConstraintDefines a constraint for the BoxLayout
Vaca::BrushA brush can be used to fill rectangles, ellipses, and paths
Vaca::ButtonHandles a pusheable button
Vaca::ButtonBaseBase for every button
Vaca::CancelableEventEvent that can be canceled
Vaca::CardinalDirectionEnumIt's like a namespace for CardinalDirection
Vaca::CheckBoxHandles a check box button
Vaca::ClientLayoutThe more simplest Layout manager: positions all the widgets in the full client area
Vaca::ClipboardHandles the global clipboard
Vaca::ColorA color that can be used to create pens or brushes
Vaca::ColorDialogA common dialog box to select colors
Vaca::ComboBoxCombo box control
Vaca::CommandA command, action or function of the application
Vaca::CommandsClientAn object that contains commands (Application)
Vaca::CommonDialogBase class for common dialogs
Vaca::ComponentA component is a visual object, such as widgets or menus
Vaca::ConstraintAbstract class to represent a constraint
Vaca::CreateConditionVariableExceptionThis exception is thrown when a ConditionVariable couldn't be created
Vaca::CreateThreadExceptionThis exception is thrown when a new Thread couldn't be created
Vaca::CreateWidgetExceptionThis exception is thrown when the operating system can't create the Widget
Vaca::CursorA mouse cursor
Vaca::CustomButtonCustomizable button to draw it with your own Widget::onPaint method
Vaca::CustomLabelCustomized static label control
Vaca::DataGridClassRepresents the Win32 class used by DataGrid
Vaca::DialogA dialog box
Vaca::DialogClassRepresents the Win32 class used by Dialog
Vaca::DockAreaThe abstract class to create DockAreas
Vaca::DockAreaClassRepresents the Win32 class used by DockArea
Vaca::DockBarA dockable bar
Vaca::DockBarClassRepresents the Win32 class used by DockBar
Vaca::DockFrameA Frame for a DockBar, commondly called "Palette Window"
Vaca::DockFrameClassRepresents the Win32 class used by DockFrame
Vaca::DockInfoInformation needed for every DockBar that is docked in a specific DockArea
Vaca::EditWidget to edit a line of text
Vaca::Enum< Base >This class is used to define enumerations "a la" C++0x
Vaca::EnumSet< Base >This class is used to define sets of enumerated values
Vaca::EventBase class for every kind of event
Vaca::ExceptionException generated from Vaca
Vaca::FileDialogA common dialog box to select files
Vaca::FindTextDialogA common dialog box to find (or replace) text
Vaca::FontA smart pointer to a font that can be used in Graphics or Widget to draw text
Vaca::FontDialogA common dialog box to select fonts
Vaca::FontMetricsDimensions of a Font
Vaca::FrameA window with title-bar that can be minimized, maximized, etc
Vaca::FrameClassRepresents the Win32 class used by Frame
Vaca::GdiObject< T, Destroyer >This class is a wrapper for Win32's GDI objects
Vaca::GraphicsClass to control a graphics context
Vaca::GraphicsPathSet of nodes to draw polygons and shapes in Graphics
Vaca::GraphicsPath::NodeA node in a GraphicsPath
Vaca::GroupBoxAn edge (with a label optionally) that can be used to group sub-widgets
Vaca::HttpRequestSends a HTTP request to the specified URL to get its content
Vaca::HttpRequestExceptionThis exception is thrown when HttpRequest generates an error due connectivity problems
Vaca::IconA smart pointer to an icon
Vaca::ImageA smart pointer to an image
Vaca::ImageHandleUsed to destroy the HBITMAP handle of a Image
Vaca::ImageListImageLists are containers of images and icons that can be used in items of a ListView or a TreeView
Vaca::ItemAbstract class to represent an item of any control
Vaca::KeyEventData for an event that comes from the keyboard
Vaca::LabelA static label of text
Vaca::LayoutA Layout setups the position of a collection of widgets
Vaca::LinkLabelA link to Internet (or whatever you want)
Vaca::ListBoxList box control
Vaca::ListViewA ListView control
Vaca::ListViewEventEvent where interact a ListView
Vaca::MakeWidgetRefMakes a reference to the specified widget
Vaca::MdiChildControls a child window for a MdiClient
Vaca::MdiChildClassRepresents the Win32 class used by MdiChild
Vaca::MdiClientWidget which its client area contains MdiChild windows
Vaca::MdiFrameThe default implementation to use the MDI interface
Vaca::MdiListMenuA menu that has the list of all MdiChild
Vaca::MenuA container of menu items
Vaca::MenuBarA menu bar, has a collection of Menus
Vaca::MenuItemA menu item
Vaca::MenuSeparatorA separator for menu items
Vaca::MouseButtonEnumNamespace for MouseButton enumeration
Vaca::MouseEventAn event from the mouse
Vaca::MsgBoxClass to show a message box
Vaca::MultilineEditWidget to edit multiple lines of text
Vaca::MutexAn object to synchronize threads using mutual exclusion of critical sections
Vaca::NonCopyableClass which can't be copied
Vaca::OpenFileDialogThe common dialog box to open file(s)
Vaca::OrientationEnumIt's like a namespace for Orientation
Vaca::PanelA basic widget
Vaca::PanelClassRepresents the Win32 class used by PanelClass
Vaca::ParseExceptionThis exception is thrown when a routine that parse a string has failed due ill-formed input
Vaca::PasswordEditWidget to input a password field
Vaca::PenA pen can be used to draw lines, edges of rectangles, ellipses, and paths
Vaca::PenEndCapEnumIt's like a namespace for PenEndCap
Vaca::PenJoinEnumIt's like a namespace for PenJoin
Vaca::PenStyleEnumIt's like a namespace for PenStyle
Vaca::PointA 2D coordinate in the screen or client area of a widget
Vaca::ProgressBarShows progress for a task that is running in background
Vaca::RadioButtonA radio button
Vaca::RadioGroupGroups a set of RadioButtons
Vaca::RectA rectangle
Vaca::ReferenceableClass that counts references and can be wrapped by a SmartPtr
Vaca::RefWrapper< T >
Vaca::RegionA region, it can be simple as a rectangle, complex as any shape, but also can be empty
Vaca::Register< T >Registers a window class to be used in Win32 routines (like CreateWindow(W32))
Vaca::RegisterExceptionThrown when Register can't registers the WidgetClass
Vaca::ResourceExceptionA resource (from exe or from an external file) can't be loaded
Vaca::ResourceIdClass to wrap an ID of an object in the resource file (.rc)
Vaca::SaveFileDialogThe common dialog box to save a file
Vaca::SciEditorControls a Scintilla text editor
Vaca::SciRegisterLoads the Scintilla DLL
Vaca::ScopedLockAn object to safely lock and unlock mutexes
Vaca::ScreenGraphicsClass to draw directly in the screen
Vaca::ScrollInfoAuxiliary structure to get and set scroll information
Vaca::SideEnumIt's like a namespace for Side
Vaca::SidesEnumSetIt's like a namespace for Sides
Vaca::Signal0< R >
Vaca::Signal0< void >
Vaca::Signal0_base< R >Base class for signals which call functions without parameters
Vaca::Signal1< R, A1 >
Vaca::Signal1< void, A1 >
Vaca::Signal1_base< R, A1 >Base class for signals which call functions with one parameter
Vaca::Signal2< R, A1, A2 >
Vaca::Signal2< void, A1, A2 >
Vaca::Signal2_base< R, A1, A2 >Base class for signals which call functions with two parameters
Vaca::SignalCommandSpecialization of Command class to handle the Command::execute and Command::isEnabled as signals
Vaca::SizeA 2D size
Vaca::Slot0< R >
Vaca::Slot0_fun< R, F >
Vaca::Slot0_fun< void, F >
Vaca::Slot0_mem< R, T >
Vaca::Slot0_mem< void, T >
Vaca::Slot1< R, A1 >
Vaca::Slot1_fun< R, F, A1 >
Vaca::Slot1_fun< void, F, A1 >
Vaca::Slot1_mem< R, T, A1 >
Vaca::Slot1_mem< void, T, A1 >
Vaca::Slot2< R, A1, A2 >
Vaca::Slot2_fun< R, F, A1, A2 >
Vaca::Slot2_fun< void, F, A1, A2 >
Vaca::Slot2_mem< R, T, A1, A2 >
Vaca::Slot2_mem< void, T, A1, A2 >
Vaca::SmartPtr< T >A pointer which maintains reference counting and automatically deletes the pointed object when it is no longer referenced
Vaca::SpinButtonA couple of buttons to up or down a value
Vaca::SpinnerA Spinner is a couple of Widgets: an Edit and a SpinButton at the right side
Vaca::SpinnerClassRepresents the Win32 class used by Spinner
Vaca::StringA string of characters
Vaca::StyleA widget style
Vaca::SystemClass to access to operating system information
Vaca::TabThis class automatically controls the visibility of each page (TabPage)
Vaca::TabBaseWidget that contains tabs to switch between them
Vaca::TabPageA page for an automatic Tab
Vaca::TabPageClassRepresents the Win32 class used by TabPage
Vaca::TextAlignEnumIt's like a namespace for TextAlign
Vaca::ThreadA thread of execution
Vaca::TimePointClass to measure elapsed time, like a chronometer
Vaca::TimerClass to schedule events every x milliseconds
Vaca::ToggleButtonHandles a pusheable button (with BS_AUTOCHECKBOX | BS_PUSHLIKE styles)
Vaca::ToolBarA dockable tool bar
Vaca::ToolButtonA button inside a ToolSet
Vaca::ToolSetA set of tool buttons
Vaca::TreeNodeA TreeView node
Vaca::TreeViewHandles a TreeView control
Vaca::TreeViewEventEvent where interact a TreeView and TreeNode
Vaca::VerticalAlignEnumIt's like a namespace for VerticalAlign
Vaca::WidgetBase class for widgets
Vaca::WidgetClassBase class to retrieve information about a new Win32 class to be registered using the Register class
Vaca::WidgetClassNameRepresents the name of a WidgetClass
Vaca::Win32DestroyGdiObjectHelper for GdiObject class to destroy Win32's HGDIOBJ handles
Vaca::Win32DestroyIconUsed to destroy the HICON handle from GdiObject
Vaca::Win32DestroyImageListUsed to destroy the HIMAGELIST handle from GdiObject